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CCTV – watching the watchers through PSA33 2014

Closed Circuit TeleVision (CCTV) has seen a massive expansion over the last few years and it’s now a rare high street that isn’t festooned with camera fixtures.

But how can the public be assured that the people monitoring the systems are fit and proper?

The security regulator the Private Security Authority (PSA) has published an updated standard for CCTV monitoring companies and as of 1st November 2014 any contractors involved in the operation of CCTV set ups are required to comply with a series of stringent checks to achieve a licence.

This means that companies engaged in the industry need to ensure that they have a reliable system for pre-employment background screening. However the new standard doesn’t stop at pre-employment verification as firms are expected to continue with their employee checks on an ongoing basis.

The requirements start before the employee is even interviewed, with the employee submitting a full CV complete with explanations of any gaps and a signed declaration that they agree to submit to employment checks, educational checks and European criminal record screening.

The employer is then required to check the information given on both the CV, any application form and during an interview.

Of course checking the background (including gaps)  of any potential employee is important given the serious nature of the work they will be undertaking, but potential employers can be forgiven for finding the sheer volume of requirements a little daunting.

The requirements are not confined purely to full time monitoring staff. Firms are expected to carry out employee background checks for all employees, contractors and temporary staff, whether they be full or part time and managers and directors of companies that engage in activity covered by the regulations.

An employee file will need to be created with details of all of the checks carried out, copies of any information received and a detailed record of the progress of the vetting procedure.

Companies are expected to verify a period of five years (less if the period includes school) and the vetting should include all gaps, personal references, previous employment checks, credit checks, and educational and training attainment confirmation.

The firm is required to complete all checks within a limited amount of time and also expected to hold on to the file for a minimum of five years after the end of the employment.

Unsurprisingly many companies look to outsource this complex task to a specialist company that will take on the job of employment pre-screening and ensure that it is fully compliant with all the latest legislation.

Checkback provide the perfect solution for busy companies looking to comply with the law in a cost effective manner.

Our online Gold service includes all of the aspects needed to comply with PSA33 at a competitive price and firms can add on extras as and when the need arises but only pay for what they use. From a password protected online account, Checkback Clients can pick and choose what services they require as and when they wish. Clients are not locked into any service agreements and from a service list drop down menu, by simply ticking the service you require, e.g. Polish employment reference or our unique and unrivalled European criminal records checks and entering an email address, your candidates are sent a link inviting them to submit details relevant to check required. Checkback take care of the rest.

Busy managers are able to, track their candidate’s Checkbacks as work in progress from our specialist system as it happens, giving them the peace of mind that the process is in full flow whilst they are free to continue with their business.

This innovative solution to PSA33:2012  has been recommended by both industry auditors and associations alike. To find out more about cost of this service you can email Checkbacks General Manager at Joey.lyons@checkback.ie or call us on +35315241361.